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Dark Sky is shutting down its API after being acquired per https://blog.darksky.net/dark-sky-has-a-new-home/. As such, this project is here for archival purposes, and it really shouldn't be utilized moving forward given the current status of things.

Get the embeddable weather widget you've always wanted. Customizable. Scriptable. Excellent.

This is a working demo. I haven't turned it into a distributable package yet.

The top widget is entirely customizable courtesy of Flot, and the data pulls from Dark Sky's API.

Example themes: Default, Day, and Night

The current setup is showing the current temperature, precipitation chart for the next hour, the next hour's forecast, and the day's forecast.

It starts by showing the weather in the lovely city of Cedar Rapids, but selecting a location on the right shows how the information can be updated dynamically (the list on the right is actually pulling from Dark Sky's list of "interesting storms" so they should have some precipitation).



Work-in-Progress - *Active*

Pre-release - April 1, 2013

Proof-of-Concept - October 26, 2012

Download Not Yet Available

This is still a work-in-progress, and I don't want to release it in a state where it's buggy or difficult to use.
Email me to express your interest in this, and I'll jump it to the front of the line & get to work on it.